Tidal Waves  (Unisex all hair textures) has the best ingredients on the market. Other products contains petroleum known as "grease" which can cause build up in the hair and create blockage in the pores of the scalp. The Blockage of pores can causes baldness that's why it's very important to use a natural alternative. Tidal Waves has all the pure rich ingredients and best results for your hair. Every ingredient inside Tidal Waves products plays a major role in your hair and scalp therefore creating shine, growth, moisture and hold.

When designing Tidal Waves products, we understood what the consumer wanted from a product. Most consumers wanted a more natural product without the harsh chemicals which you see on the back of a can or jar which is hard to say or pronounce. My goal is to make the best product in the world for all nationalities by using the best ingredients and communicating directly with the consumer to make a product for and by the consumer.  "The website and products is yours, we work for you". 

Tidal Waves Team

C.E.O and Co Founder